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How does motherhood affect young mums? I wanted to find out.

It was great to spend time with Holly, who has 2 small boys.

Today was the day and there was no plan B. We needed a gorgeous morning for a particularly challenging motherhood portrait shoot.  Working with 2 incredibly lively and demanding boys under the age of 2 requires an awareness of their needs.  Experience shows, outdoors is so much better for boys.

All boys need space, even little boys.  It had to be an outdoor portrait session.

The morning arrived complete with blue skies,  ‘Oh yes’ I thought, ‘Boom!’ Not only the weather but a perfect dream location outside Ipswich.  I was thrilled Holly had agreed to take part.

Having met a couple of weeks earlier for a chat, we discussed motherhood for young mums. Plus the curious and familiar dilemma of capturing photos of mums with their babies and children.

The Motherhood project

Intended to empower women and mums,  and increase their self esteem.  Holly was really enthusiastic and excited to take part. I desperately wanted to show her, as a young mum, how much fun we could have in a couple of hours and how lovely she would look in her portraits. Focusing on our relationships gives back the joy when daily stress seems to be all we deal with!

Holly owns and runs Jenson and Beau, an on line monochrome children’s clothing line for cool kids under 6 for other young mums,  as seen in the photos below. Clearly organised, it was a pleasure to spend some down time centred entirely around Holly and her family.

There is huge pleasure in sharing moments with your children and we don’t make the time to do it often enough.

The boys energy and need to be everywhere gave us lots of laughs, especially around the lake. Julie, Holly’s mum was with us throughout and is invaluable.  This is a very close family with a great love for family portraits, making it even more special to capture these beautiful photos of the family group. Plenty of experience is essential for any baby and child photographer. Children are unpredictable, fast, change moods very quickly and generally in charge! With such young babies, expecting things to go to plan is hopeless, as is expecting them to perform on request. Working with spontaneity is key.  We need to be aware of their constantly changing mood,  focus and think ahead. It requires a great knowledge of camera techniques, lighting skills and an ability to think pretty quickly.

The session was a wonderful success, and even though having the opportunity to discuss essential finer details was rather a challenge with the boys present, I’m  grateful to Holly, Julie and the boys for an unforgettable morning with some beautiful photographs for them to keep. Young mums are doing a fantastic job!

Motherhood portrait photography

Motherhood Portrait PhotographyMotherhood portrait photography Motherhood portrait photography Motherhood portrait photography Motherhood portrait photography Motherhood portrait photography

Motherhood portrait photography

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