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A boutique photography studio offers a specialized, personalised style, or niche, catering predominantly to their discerning clients.

Typically a boutique is a smaller, independent, more exclusive place to shop. Providing unique products and items that can’t be found on the high street, or on line, they are generally stylish and often intriguing.

It’s also the place where you would absolutely expect to receive excellent customer service. This very personable custom service puts you as the customer, first. Attending to your needs and requirements throughout is paramount. It is without a doubt where quality is superior to quantity.

Boutique Portrait Photographer Suffolk

As a boutique photography studio, La Femme Portrait specialises in photographing women. Whilst we love to work with everyone, we promote specifically our photography services to women. This shows we are set up to provide the very best experience for all women.

We like to look after our clients with both a quality experience and by sourcing beautiful heirloom products. Items that are both built to last, hard to find and priceless to you as a client. As our client you are spending both your time and your money with us and expect to receive a service that excels; we fully appreciate that. Your personalised session is crafted to match both your expectations and your personality. We like to think we are one of a kind, up to date, and yet small and cosy with a vintage glamour charm. A unique boutique photography studio.

Boutique Portrait Photographer Suffolk

What should you be looking for as a prospective client ready to book a photography session?
  • When comparing photographers and boutique photography studios, the most obvious differences will be in their niche market.
  • No two studios will have the same style of photography and post processing (editing) – a very important aspect when making your final decision.
  • A general photographer who photographs many genres, will provide a very different experience to a specialist. This seems obvious, but many people will overlook this when budgeting, and are then left very disappointed having wasted both time and money.
  • How much time do they spend focused on getting to know you and making you comfortable?
  • Find a photographer you click with – photography is an intimate service and you need to feel happy with your choice.
  • Are they constantly booked up and too busy to be able to provide you with a first class service, or plenty of time to edit your images correctly?


Boutique Portrait Photography in Suffolk

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