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Transformations seems an extreme way to describe the style of portrait photography we love to create in the studio. It isn’t intended to offend. Or to imply that the final result is in any way better than our client’s regular look and style.

This is a fun, relaxed way to unwrap and release your potential. We’d love to help you reawaken and uncover the inner you.

Transformations occur throughout our lives as we change, grow, and age. Not all are appearance related, but this is an area we are particularly sensitive about. Leaving behind your negative

Leaving behind your negative self-image mindset is incredibly therapeutic and empowering. Many of us are quite convinced we don’t like portraits. Whats the point? We’re not worthy, or good enough for portraits.

For those who are unsure of the benefits or even the purpose of this style of photography, let me explain.

Once the luxury of the very rich,  portraiture was a way to acknowledge our worth and our very existence. Dating back over 5000 years, a painted portrait recognised our standing in society. Our importance, virtue, beauty, wealth, taste, learning or other qualities of the sitter was captured in the portrait. And it was almost always done in such a way that it flattered the subject.

Now that we have photography, it’s easy, and cheap, to capture our appearance. That’s not always a good thing. Most of our snapshots aren’t flattering. Mostly we hate these photos of ourselves unless it was a lucky shot!

Professional portraits are still designed to flatter. Don’t confuse your family photos at home with a professional portrait sitting. Great portrait photographers love to create images that excite you. Something to love, display and be proud of. Always.

I was pretty confident Olivia would be keen to try the La Femme Portrait experience. We discussed various plans at the studio, taking time to consider likes and dislikes.

Olivia is full of life and energy,  sees the positive, and is happy to try something new. She is an absolute delight to work with and a beautiful girl. As a rule,  she prefers to keep makeup to a minimum and most days she perfectly happy in her own skin, preferring not to wear any.

Whats your Favourite Era?

We discussed a change from her ‘everyday girl’ style. Transformations of a more adventurous, contrasting theme. Finding something that resonates with clients is essential. I asked if she would be happy to try a classic, movie star 1950’s styled shoot.

Choosing an era we love is a great way to feel connected to a style you love but may not have the chance to try. With some outfits from the studio wardrobe with makeup, and hair thanks to Kayleigh, Olivia had a great day and loves her final portraits.

It may be that you prefer a simpler style, an alternate era, or a more dramatic wardrobe. Whatever you would like to achieve, we are here to make your dreams come true. Just remember we’re here to flatter, bring out your best and make you shine.

Outdoor locations are also a great way to showcase the beautiful you, so we’re not restricted by the studio. In fact, we have absolutely no restrictions. The world is yours. We can plan the photography shoot of your dreams, creating a truly incredible portfolio of portraits you’ll be beyond proud to display, and to keep for your lifetime and that of your family. Why not include the family in the portrait session?

This event is about your worth, your value, your freedom and your inner peace. Money is what you pay they say, but value is what you receive. And, my goodness, darling girl, you are utterly priceless..

So why not give it a try?  What have you got to lose?

Share your thoughts below!  How would you like to be photographed?

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