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Owning and running your own business is exciting, full on, and never dull.
 Despite the endless challenges, I’d choose it every time over working for a company.
But that’s typically me… always picking the difficult route!
From finance and sustainability,  building relationships and marketing, through to work/life balance, there’s much to work out when you go it alone. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted.
The learning goalposts continue to move and yes, it can be a very isolated and lonely road.
Despite the glamorised, perfect world of social media when working for yourself – you will be lonely.
This year as I was looking for more space to grow my business to the next level, I met Milli.

The timing was perfect

 Both Milli and I had reached a point where we were unable to progress separately with our businesses.
We both wanted to grow; reach more clients and expand-  and we knew we needed a larger space for our respective businesses before going crazy!
Milli is a highly talented lady.
 As a skilled dressmaker and designer she started her successful business working from home and had numerous clients visiting on a daily basis.
It had become increasingly difficult to separate her work life and home life.
Those of you who visited me previously in my old studio know only too well how cosy it was!
Large groups were increasingly difficult to accommodate and there were other aspects which limited my ability to achieve the results I was wanting for all clients.
We started looking for space we could share.
Incredibly the universe was on our side.
It took very little time to relocate to the most beautiful studio space, our dream space, when we found Hall Farm Barn.
Now, 3 months on, we are able to run our independent businesses while staying connected and supportive on a daily basis.
Our 2 separate zones blend beautifully.
It’s always busy, never lonely, and such a joy to walk into the positive, kinship alliance we have created.
This gives our clients a huge advantage. With both portrait photography, dressmaking, dress design and fashion alternations available in one space just 5 minutes from the centre of Woodbridge, Suffolk, they have numerous reasins to pay us a visit. Not only a beautiful space, this is a hub of creativity and productivity like no other!

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