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Sophia has written and published two books and has more planned. Not only does she have a full-time job, she’s a dedicated mum and a daughter. She had modelled in the past and would love to do it again. She spends her own time working for hospital radio, loves to travel and she takes great care of herself.

I’m so inspired by the women who visit our studio. Their personal stories, their drive, their confidence, and most of all I love the connection we create. Just to see how each client unfolds during their session is a joy, and it makes for some very special portraits -every time!

 Sophia was lucky enough to receive her portrait photography session as a gift. Throughout her life, she has kept a photographic record of each decade and was keen to update her collection as she approached a new decade.

Thanks for coming to visit La Femme Portrait Sophia, it’s been a real pleasure to welcome you to the studio and get to know you…we look forward to seeing you again!


“Firstly, I would like to say what a fabulous day I had with Sarah Holmes at her studio. I felt very relaxed, and confident in the knowledge that the end result would be fantastic, and so it was. The images produced by this very hard working lady, are just fabulous. I couldn’t have been more at my ease if I had tried. It was immensely pleasurable and I  was made to feel really special.

Sarah has a special way with people and understands how to engage with her clients. What came across was her wanting to make sure I knew that we have beauty within us, and so to let it shine no matter your age. Thank you Sarah. I had an amazing day.”


If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Never worry about what people think if you have a talent, a creative star, bursting to get out, don’t suppress it, or put it on the back burner because it will never go away until you do something about it. It will always be just beneath the surface, waiting for the right moment to show itself, to explode on the world stage. 

Don’t be timid about your extraordinary talents, because you believe you have no right not to share them with the world.

You must inspire others to unwrap their hidden self. It must though be for the greater good of the human race. That’s what I would say to my younger self. Having said all this, we need to learn to grow within ourselves, feel comfortable with our level of achievements, goals and aims to reach, and they must be true to ourselves.

I am working on me now, it is never too late. Do not go to the grave with the music still within your heart.


 Tell us about your job

I work for Local Government in Environmental Health as a Technical Officer in Food & Safety. I love it. It’s a great profession. Our team delivers regulatory services to all local businesses, ensuring high standards of Food Safety and Health & Safety.


 Where did you grow up?  Describe your childhood

I grew up on the outskirts of Ipswich, although I wasn’t born here, Suffolk is dear to my heart, and there are many places in Ipswich that hold good memories. I cycled lots with my friends, brothers and sister as a child. We made dens in the fields where I lived, picked blackberries, and sometimes went scrumping, scaling over high walls and fences. We were all tomboys. I loved the hot sunny days of the long school holidays. Running wild all day. It was a great time. It all went by so quickly. I cared very much for my siblings, even when we fought over the game of Jacks, (five stones) we always made up with big tearful hugs.

 Do you have a beauty routine?

The occasional facial, spoiling myself, good old soap and water, moisturiser and happiness in your heart. Happiness shines out if your eyes, affecting those around you. A smile that does reach the eyes is a grimace. Beauty is being kind to yourself, not being critical. It’s an amalgamation of all those things that make YOU feel beautiful. It’s about depth of character, and confidence, and loving you as the incredible person you are. Your beauty routine is unique only unto you.

 Your best health tip

Stay calm, if you can. Don’t stress if you can help it. Keep your mind fit by doing those creative and favourite things. Health comes from within. What is health? What is it?  It is lots of different things to every one of us.
Health tips can change with media fads. It can be drinking lots of water one minute, then munching on bunches of broccoli the next.  My biggest health tip is to keep the mind in the right frame than to strive to aim to achieve that positive thing that is within. Once this has occurred a balance will be struck, a smile will arise and health happiness with prevail.
It’s not all about diet. Fitness health is the connection between the physical and the psychological linking and working together. When we feel right in our minds we can help our bodies, when we feel right in our bodies we can help our minds. The power of synergy!!

 What makes you laugh?

Its got to be tripping over the vacuum wiring, getting it wrapped around your feet and ankles when no one else is looking. You couldn’t make it up sometimes. The very clever and much misunderstood Charlie Chaplin. I would love to have met him. He was the funniest ever.


Where is your happy place?

My happy place can be drinking hot chocolate on a cold winter’s day or enjoying the sunshine. Out on a strenuous bike ride, walking by the lovely River Orwell, taking in the sights sounds, letting the salty air invade my senses, listening to the call of the birds, the wild free birds that inhabit the stunning Suffolk Coastline. A great place to find inspiration and calmness of spirit. A fantastic place to rejuvenate the soul, instal and appreciate the true beauty of this wonderful gift we have on our doorsteps. It’s the best space to open up one’s mind to let the creativity in. My other happy place is in the creating of a new piece of work. I like to immerse myself in it to get the feeling of where I am going with it. Letting a good piece warm me as I hope it will warm and touch a chord with others that read it. These are some of my happy places.

 Where do you buy your clothes?

Clothes should say something about you, not you saying something about them. Simple, elegant, and you. Clothes make a statement, about your style, how you feel; comfortable.
I shop in many shops. We all want to feel wonderful in what we wear. It’s the face that we want to present to the world. You reflected from within.
The day doesn’t need to be special, dress up every day, its great for your self-esteem, and no matter what others think or say.  Your fashion is you.


What are you hoping to do with your portraits?

I would like to think that people find the images pleasing, and are impressed by your expert photography. I loved posing for them, it was great fun, and I hope that this comes across to the viewer. These images are also a recording of a part of my life in my late 50’s, and a way of embracing the person that I now am, and accepting me as I now am. It’s not easy to do that when looking in the mirror, knowing that there are changes. I would love to do some mature modelling, look to do something creative,  and importantly to me is that I may be able to inspire and motivate others to take up a different role in life. We all get stuck in ruts.
It’s great to have a bit of glamour in your life, and not to give up on ourselves.
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