Q & A’s

 I’m no model but the women in your photos look like models. I’m not sure I will look good if I book with you.

As women we share a tendency to feel insecure about our looks – this is the very the reason I rebranded from a family photography studio, creating La Femme portrait studio back in 2014. I’m flattered by your words- these women you see are not models. They are as insecure as you and me but they invested in the experience, trusted in me, and most importantly, loved what they saw in their final portraits.

Working with women is a joy and very humbling – I absolutely love what I do.  I work with great empathy and care to make sure all my clients love themselves a little bit more, ultimately boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Some find their inner Goddess and completely change how they see themselves following their portrait shoot.

Working with many women I see how common these shared fears are. You are not alone! We’re more similar than we realise – just know, I am so familiar with your concerns it’s no surprise to me you feel this way.  With our shared, open discussions before your shoot plus lighting and posing, we’re able to eliminate any concerns before you see your final images.

Allow me to show you how fabulous you really do look. When you have experienced our professional hairstyling and makeup just know you’ll feel ready for the magic to begin!

when should I book my session?

With a special occasion or a celebration coming up please contact me asap to check availability. We may be fully booked so ideally the sooner the better.

To confirm and secure your booking we require payment once you have selected your date. We work both at the studio, outdoors, locations of your choice and sometimes travel abroad, providing an exclusive and thorough service. Because of this, we have a limited number of studio sessions and generally only work between Monday to Friday.

Final payment for all selected photography products is made at your reveal and ordering session 1-2 weeks following your studio shoot and your final order will be ready for delivery 30 days after your order has been placed. When shall we book you in?


where are you located?

La Femme Portrait Studio is situated in a spacious converted old dairy barn dating back to the 1800s.

We are set in the heart of the beautiful Suffolk countryside, 5 minutes from the centre of the picturesque town of Woodbridge. Surrounded by organic farmland and the river Deben we have peace and quiet in this is tranquil, timeless and therapeutic part of the world. 

In addition to our indoor studio, we’re lucky enough to be able to photograph outdoors throughout the seasons too. We’re so thrilled to be here and we know you’ll love it too. Once booked we will email with clear details of how to find us as we’re slightly off the beaten track!


 what are your fees? how much should I expect to spend?  when will I select my favourites from my shoot?

The makeover and portrait experience fee starts at £290 for up to 2 clients. This includes your consultation either by phone or in person before we even pick up a camera. It’s essential to get to know you, your likes and dislikes and to start to think about how you would like to be photographed.

The shoot itself includes our complimentary pampering to ensure you relax and unwind. Our makeup and hair styling is natural and soft to suit you unless of course, you prefer a more bold look. The choice is yours.

Approx 2 weeks later you will return to the studio for your in-person photo reveal and ordering session where you will view your retouched images. For those who live further away, we can arrange a live reveal via Google Hangouts, or similar. Whilst less personal it is our back up option to ensure you see the best images from your shoot even though you’re not able to be there in person.

Your final selected photographs are priced separately. With a range of product options from £300 to £5000, you chose only what you want to purchase at your reveal – the choice is entirely yours. Our average client spend is between £2500 and £3500.

With carefully selected beautiful heirloom products, high-quality fine art prints and a range of custom frames you’re sure to find the right product for you.

what will I wear?

Quite simply, it’s entirely up to you! The greater your effort with outfits, the greater your images will look.

Our studio signature style is classic and timeless with a fine art influence, but we’re excited to know what style you will choose. Dressing up is something so many of us enjoy but few have good reason to today, so be as bold, brave and adventurous as you like. What size do you wear? What styles do you like? What colours do you love?

We have a small in-studio wardrobe and can recommend hire options locally. Of course, you’re very welcome to bring your wardrobe in from home, including lingerie for those wishing to celebrate in less. I recommend having 3, but no more than 4 outfits changes during your shoot. We ask that you wear and /or bring neutral coloured underwear.

Should you wish, we’re happy to photograph you in your birthday suit too for those who love this fine art style. 


what should I bring and how do I prepare?

No different than a wedding or special event. Following our consultation, you will have a good idea of what to wear. Should you have favourite wardrobe items from home or borrowed from a friend, bring them on the day, plus of course, any favourite jewellery items and /or accessories to complete your outfit.

Shoes are rarely an important part of the portrait shoot unless your Jimmy Choos and Louboutins go everywhere with you, and just maybe you’re not fully dressed without your heels 

Please arrive with clean hair and a moisturised face, hair cut and/or colour if you’re due, neutral nails, and do you spray tan? If not, don’t   – our make up artist and hair stylist will do the rest and transform you on the day. I pride myself on offering a portrait experience for my clients.. so please expect a longer process than just showing up to shoot and out before you know it!


can I share my session with someone?

We’d love you to bring a friend, family member or partner with you to share your session. Double the fun! Our fees start at £290 for up to 2 clients and include professional hair and makeup to soothe your nerves and ease you into your portrait shoot feeling fabulous. We don’t allow guests to view your experience as this is distracting to both you and us on the day.

which days can I book?

Monday to Friday is our most popular time – for those looking for weekend sessions please call to discuss availability and prices.


 will you “Photoshop” my images?

That is up to you. Some clients prefer to see all their features exactly as they are. Most clients prefer to ‘fix’ some features so please let us know what you prefer at your consultation. This way we can be sure to be extra careful with lighting and posing on the day of the shoot.

Sharing your concerns allows us to make any necessary adjustments in the post-processing stage. The general rule is to make the skin look appropriate for age and still enhance the beauty, editing minor blemishes, under-eye circles and small scars, skin tone, and skin perfecting.

Please feel free to share ‘problem areas’, your secret is safe with me! Requests for extensive editing will be quoted at your reveal appointment after you’ve seen your images with our standard retouched edits.

do you photograph men, weddings, and families?

Yes, we do. We love to work with men, couples and families of all ages. Generally, our wedding photography requests are for smaller, more intimate occasions. I do however specialise in photographing women as that is what I love, and because I deeply understand the love and the fear we feel. Making sure you have great memories, and beautiful portraits is my ultimate goal.


are my portraits going to be on your website?

With your permission, I love to share beautiful images from our session together showing just how amazing the experience is, and how incredible you look.  Most clients are so proud of their final they are very happy to appear on my website. We will discuss this at your consultation.


We aim to update our Q & A’s often to keep you informed, but do please call if you have any other questions on 07738 974985.

email sarah@lafemmeportrait.com for more details.


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