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Pregnancy is a time like no other. Either a pleasure or a tough few months, but there’s little doubt it’s incredible. A miracle that we go through, and we never want to repeat, or for some they are hooked!

Women becoming mums experience so many challenges on every level, intensifying the self-doubts and our faith in our abilities. Identity and insecurity are just a couple of challenges.  Many of us don’t expect to go through postpartum blues and depression but we do, and we can feel very low despite a great pregnancy and a longing for our babies. The demands on us are much bigger than we realised. Until you’re at this stage it’s impossible to imagine how this time will affect every aspect of your life. In addition, we continue to play the role of a capable, incredible woman. Losing baby weight, maintaining a beautiful home, looking great.

Is it any wonder we begin to struggle and question who we are at this time?

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Are you ready?

We need to be prepared for all that is heading our way once our baby is born. There is some evidence that our self-esteem may slump as new mothers if we’re unprepared Click here

Sharing our pregnancy is fun with family, friends and strangers alike. We are an amazing feat of nature growing a new life. Once the early stages have passed we generally feel fabulous with our improved, gorgeous skin and hair. We’re less concerned about irrelevant details, how ‘fat’ we are- we’re pregnant after all! On the whole, we are respected- well with our first pregnancy at least! We discuss our unborn baby, gender, dates, siblings with everyone, in supermarkets, queues, on the street. Nothing connects women like sharing new babies and it feels good.

This changes after the birth however. Suddenly, mothers find themselves coming second. Babies are first. We can feel as though we’re left struggling with a new body we hardly recognise, discomfort in very intimate areas, little sleep, hormone surges, and a need to get back to ‘normal’ – while all the time attempting to remember who we were pre baby.

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Our confidence and self-esteem take a beating. For some, it never fully returns. For others, this is a time of joy to be celebrated and we shine!  We can feel disconnected and so alone, or we feel this is a new beginning and our destiny. Whichever it is for you, the relationship with ourselves and also our baby, partners, friends, family and later work colleagues will change. Where once we were women, we’re now mums.

Seems to me we need to celebrate ourselves and mark this time. These incredible changes we go through, all the challenges we conquer. Boom! We should be patting ourselves on the back, and feeling proud. We should be marking these times with memories of each and every successful step we reach.

Once you’re ready for some beautiful portraits, contact me

I’d love to create a folio of photographs with you, for you, that you’ll be proud to own.

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