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Transitioning the Portrait Studio in Woodbridge into a luxury space better suited for La Femme Portrait clients is a wonderful pleasure. It’s a never ending project and the result of so many influences. Pinterest is my BFF. Making the best use of a cosy space is a challenge and I can’t lie, I’ll change things around most days. Even when I thought I was happy with the space.

I can’t imagine what I’d be like with a larger area!

Essentials in the studio zone include – my Canon camera, lenses and studio lights.

This year to improve our client experience, we’ve added 5 professional backdrops, to give a traditional feel and complement our contemporary portraits. More on the way!

The large window provides plenty of natural light – on a good day! Otherwise, we’re using the studio lights. Where possible I prefer the natural light and I have no wish to black out the window. If we’re lucky, a creamy, dreamy light creates the most beautiful mood for the session.

Dressing Room Area

Adding the dressing room zone is wonderful. There is a now distinct divide between the rooms.

Sectioned off with a portiere there’s a snug, private feel about the studio. A more sophisticated, feminine, grown up playroom.

Within the dressing room is the wardrobe. This growing collection of beautiful dresses, skirts, tops and accessories for little girls and bigger girls in various sizes to suit, and will continue to increase.

We’re going to need a bigger space pretty soon..

A touch of glamour is added with the dressing room mirror and lights for pure indulgence. I’m a sucker for beautiful lighting and love a twinkle and sparkle where possible. This had finished off the area beautifully, and I’m so excited for you to come along to visit the us, either as a client already or a new face. We’d love to see you!

Have you visited a boutique portrait photography studio before? Was it like La Femme Studio?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you..

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