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My secret wish, my dream as a photographer, is to create beautiful, timeless portraits of women. Flattering, inspiring images that complement and uncover the essence of each client. A Portrait of a Lady.

Sadly there is a consistent, negative reality all portrait photographers discover.  When photographing women, there is a real sense of feeling unworthy. As women, we don’t value ourselves as we should.  It’s not only common but typical.

Regardless of body shape, age, race or appearance, many women, from all social groups, question if they are worth the cost. Additionally, they often fear the camera. This shared dislike of ourselves on so many levels- predominantly appearance, is unnecessary.

Women appreciate photography in a way men generally don’t. From making and photographing daily memories through to special events, we love our photographs.

We understand the passing of time and do all we can to hold onto the happy memories. Just check out how many photos we collect on our iphones!

The idea of a gorgeous photo shoot is something we love-  but the snag is -we’re scared of facing our own reality. We may not live up to the secret image we like to keep of ourselves in our minds.

It’s time to stop comparing ourselves, and putting ourselves down. Comparison is the thief of joy they say, and it couldn’t be more true.

The perfect people surrounding our lives both in the media and magazines, we believe are more beautiful than we are. Successful models, actresses, celebrities, seem to have a look that we don’t. We rarely take into account the team of stylists, makeup and hair technicians, great locations, etc included in the photography we see to market these faces.

We start to believe our internal script- the lies we tell ourselves. We’re just not good enough. Why would we pay for professional portrait photography when chances are we won’t like how we look? It’s too expense means we’re not worth it. We don’t want to be harshly judged. We prefer to stay invisible.

Stop being your harshest critic and be kind to yourself. With, selfies, group shots and even looking in the mirror, find the good.

From clothing and accessories, skin care and makeup, to treatments and ‘corrective’ surgery,  we spend the major part of our income on doing what we can to live the look.

The crazy thing is, the confidence in ourselves doesn’t increase despite the hefty investments we make. In fact, we often feel worse despite the financial investments/losses. This is nothing new, and has been happening for many years.

It’s time we got together and changed things! Surely you’re worth it? What has happened to our personal value? A sense of self? Pride in who we are- what we do, how we live? Self-importance and role as women or part of our family? Life is changing at a faster rate than ever before, and we are ageing. Documenting our valuable memories of lives lived is a real pleasure. Instead of worrying, let’s step forward and create beautiful portraits of ourselves. We at least owe that to the next generation.


As a woman, and a photographer I want to connect us -help find a happier way to see yourself as you live your life. With my own wide range of life experience and knowledge, I have complete empathy and connection with all women.

Bringing my personal feelings into my professional life seems so logical. I love sharing and helping others. I’d love to  show you how incredible you are through my photography.  I would be honoured.

Taking my new look stylish studio to a higher level inevitably meant I needed a new name, something that made a connection with you- loud and clear. So, I named it after you.

As you are clearly 100% woman, what could be more suitable, more feminine, and more empowering than LA FEMME ~ PORTRAIT- the epitome of you?

I’m ready when you are to get creating something incredible with you –  to light up your confidence, fill you with pride, and make you smile. We may prove your internal script may just need updating. For those of you wanting to connect and find out more, please message me  click here

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