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An ever growing number of entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for personal branding images to promote their business on both website and social media. Whether you are starting from scratch at home or in a small office space, needing to update your image to stay fresh, or working for a larger business and looking to be seen on the world wide web, personal branding when done well can definitely elevate your potential and your status.

LinkedIn is the largest business social media platform today. With so many faces competing on a global level, it stands to reason that being seen at your very best in a professional capacity by contacts, counterparts and even potential new employers is vital. In a busy world, all professionals are looking to stand out head and shoulder above the rest. Professional photography is essential so that your personal branding will get you seen.

Spotting those who haven’t invested in professional images when scrolling through LinkedIn is easy. First impressions really do count. Second chances are not an option.

Consistent marketing is a huge part of business. Creating brand awareness for new businesses takes well over 50% of our marketing budgets, so getting it right is essential. Getting it wrong is costly.

Regardless of the business you are in, chances are you have a huge amount of competition in your area and beyond. So, why will your potential clients choose you?

All businesses need to be seen in a positive, trustworthy light on a daily basis. It’s a challenge, and how you go about that is incredibly important. Aiming your products and services at your target market is vital. You may have hired a photographer to create a portfolio of your business and products, but what about your own image?

Get Seen

Consider how your target audience sees you. Many business owners are making do. Often a casual iPhone pic does the job- or doesn’t.

As the face of your business, literally, getting the very best images of yourself will deliver your message. Unless you are a hobbyist, all your digital images should be professional and edited to the best very standard.

You can’t afford not to.

At the studio, we are interested in what you do and how you do it. A better knowledge of your position and how you need to showcase your business, helps us to understand your needs. We’re able to work with you to create the best angles and poses to make you stand out from the crowd. Our personal branding and headshot packages include a set of digital files, the option for  2 or 3 changes of outfit, and a range of high-quality images you will be proud to share.

Call us, or drop us a note in the contact box. We’ll be in touch with you within 12 hours max.

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