Outdoor Portrait Photography Suffolk – La Femme Portrait

There’s no better time or place to leave the studio for some beautiful outdoor portrait photography Suffolk style, than in the summertime.

Finding an incredible location right on your doorstep is a delight. Having permission to capture some very special portraits there, is a dream come true. Where could be better to showcase our growing studio wardrobe than a period relic in the countryside, with a lingering, dramatic presence of lavish times gone by?

We chose a perfect day. With the sun shining almost throughout, we dropped all the props, hoped the grey clouds would move -fast,  and assessed the potential.  Kayleigh is the dream model and happy to go with all my weird and wonderful ideas!

With a skirt like this, we needed to get the most from it. Every little girl’s dream is to be the Princess, and skirts don’t come anymore regal than this tulle beauty.

Outdoor portrait photography Suffolk

Outdoor portrait photography Suffolk

Empowering Women

There is something incredibly empowering about dressing up and being someone else for a while. Be it your inner diva, or role playing, releasing your low self esteem and poor confidence is magical. In fact even when changing back to the real you, the new found confidence lingers. I’ve watched my children experience the same joy. We always had a big box filled with all sorts of characters that even their friends would want to be. Laughing as boys dressed as girls and girls became soldiers and pirates, anything goes and you’re free.

Outdoor portrait photography Suffolk

All expectation disappears when you no longer look like you. Rules don’t apply. Exploring this alter ego is exciting, thrilling and as a photographer, its wonderful to both invite and encourage all models and clients to freedom. It’s here that we truly shine.

Outdoor portrait photography Suffolk

Our reserve leaves us as we fulfil this role and we become proud of ourselves. Standing taller, we ooze the pure beauty of our new found persona regardless of who we believe ourselves to be.

It is this inner you I love to find! I long to uncover the you that you have forgotten, hidden or even disregarded. You are still there, waiting, but oh my, how sensational your portraits are when you are free!

This to me is exactly what portrait photography is all about. So do tell –  what would you like create? Message me!

Outdoor portrait photography Suffolk

Would you like book your outdoor session in a gorgeous location?

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