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Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end..

I had an inkling something needed to be done, a gut feeling that change was on the way at Treefrog Portrait Studio.. Something was stirring.

Change is always exciting, it’s a big part of my life. Make changes when you spot the signs and don’t delay. Everything begins to align and you know things will be even better than they are. It was time to hit the refresh button so my photography studio and I could reach even greater heights and more wonderful clients.

Working with families and especially new babies is a humbling experience. Having loved babies from a very young age I’ve been privileged to work as a newborn photographer. Documenting gorgeous little bods in their very early days for and with their families at the studio and in clients homes is a joy! My personal life had taught me how unbelievably precious and fleeting these moments are.  I have been thrilled to stop time, capturing all the tiny fingers and toes. But somewhere in the process, something was missing.

Babies around the world are being posed, wrapped, dressed and undressed. Mums are wanting the cutest poses to frame and remember this time. But often the babies are alone in the photographs. This was my studio style too, making sure I was bang on trend. In my own mind, however, my personal memories were fresh.  I loved my deep bonds in those early days of motherhood; the deep love, the need to protect and nourish as a new or experienced mum.

Instinctively, I want to tell all mums. And for some I did.  I needed to let them know that they would be glad to share these very first baby photographs. They may initially disagree through lack of self-esteem and personal confidence post birth.  Not all mums feel confident about being in front of the camera post baby. Avoiding all cameras for at least 3 months was my own mission at that time! No chance!

Hindsight is a wonderful thing though, – not regrets, just an awareness that if I could do it again I’d make a few adjustments.

Boutique Maternity Photography Suffolk

Self Confidence and the Bigger Picture

Here’s what I realised…

With 100% confidence, I would hold my baby for those newborn shots if I could relive those days. No question. From every angle. Fingers and toes scaled with mine. Tiny hairy head in my hand, on my shoulder. Bathed in my kisses, wrapped in a shawl, naked on my skin. Nose to nose, kisses on feet. Watching, touching, oozing pure love for my long awaited baby. No longer attached physically, but the emotional attachment got deeper. Really deep.

If my baby is being photographed, I’m there. I knew I wasn’t leaving the room without her, we were absolutely attached at the hip. So in my capacity as a maternity and newborn photographer, if I’m capturing a new baby, I’m there to capture the mum too. All mums deserve to know this. To know that they needed to be there. So that in the future their photographs will serve as a beautiful reminder of this unique, precious time.

The Studio Mantra

Removing all negative emotions created within our culture became my objective; my mantra. I want to create a studio where helping women to feel really good, important, and unique while providing an unforgettable luxury option for all our clients is paramount. A place to boost your soul.  Where clients can release the negative, feel beautiful and feel at home.  We all deserve to be valued, worthy, attractive and strong despite the changes occurring in our lives. It is essential to improve our lives for the better. A  quality experience with photographic evidence of your individuality is just what the doctor ordered.

I knew this was my direction. But first I needed a new name..

If you would like to take part or feel a need to comment below, please share your thoughts

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