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Motherhood. Sounds a little bit old fashioned maybe. I looked up the meaning in the dictionary :-


  1. The state of being a mother
  2. The qualities or spirit of a mother
  3. Mothers collectively

That’s it, wrapped up in 3 simple points and yet covering a huge percentage of the worlds population.

Portrait Photography Suffolk

With well over 3.5 billion women on the planet I’m curious, what percentage are mothers? Because I’m one, and chances are if you’re reading this you’re quite possibly one too. I

Think about it for a minute, you have to admit, whatever the final number that’s one big, beautiful, positive group to belong to.  They say it’s a man’s world don’t they? How has that come to be exactly? Surely a world where we are interdependent and equally valued is the best for us all.

With more women than men on the planet, that’s one seriously powerful posse.

With that connection to an army of women from every corner of the world, that incredible force to be reckoned with.

Portrait Photography Suffolk

Without going into the depth of women’s role in society, just for a moment lets make it personal.  I’m guessing there has been a moment, however small, during your own Motherhood journey when  you felt the heart stopping disbelief for  your new role with complete self awareness.

Please share your WOW moment below in the comments, I would love to know that golden moment of truth. When you knew you were no longer the person you were before your baby arrived, you were no longer so important but despite this, felt unbelievably special.

Portrait Photographer Suffolk

Despite this life changing, life long achievement, and we can all agree, from the morning sickness and tiredness in the early stages,  the birth, feeding and sleepless nights when your baby appears, through the teenage years and beyond to the end of your days, this really is one serious achievement you have lived through every single day, there is a negative issue we need to fix. Its time to be positive about ourselves.

Mums I meet and work with say to me, as their photographer, “Just capture the children”, “I’m the one who takes all the photo’s” “Oh no, I need to lose a few pounds”, I need to fix my hair”, ” I’m not wearing any make up”, “I don’t look good in photo’s”, “my husband isn’t really bothered about photography” and saddest of all- I don’t want any photo’s of me”

I understand their thoughts because I share their thoughts. But no more. Together, we need to change.

Portrait Photographer Suffolk

Surrounded by the mainstream ideal of ‘picture perfect people’ in glossy magazines,  we feel we’re just not good enough. We don’t look like we think we should.  Comparing ourselves with those glossy faces, so we put ourselves down before someone else does. Regardless of our faces, and body sizes, in my experience, all women do this. We love to look at photographs, we even love to take them of our children and family. We surprisingly actually love the idea of a family portrait session, but in front of the lens can often be a difficult place to be.

What have we done to our confidence and our self worth and our ability to have fun? Do we really want to disappear completely and not exist in our children’s and grandchildren’s photographs and memories? And most importantly what are we showing our daughters, and our sons about our value, ? We are real, we are here, we are coping with incredible challenges and making life happen for our families. We are the heroes and we need to be a part of our story.

I’m not alone when I say that with my children I feel the best of me; safe, valued, connected, unjudged and loved. They have seen me at my worst and still love me. I can be fat, ugly, bad hair, silly, funny, and best of all, free with them.

Portrait Photographer Suffolk

You are a mother, you have given life and more than you even realise.

I want to meet with you, at my studio, or your home, your safe place, with your children and show you how beautiful you really are through my photography, and how you shine when you’re with them and how you must never, ever again say, ‘I don’t want any photographs of me’.

You are an integral part of the greatest thing you will ever do, and you need to be present there in that moment, confidently. They are your team, your community and you are the reason they are here, that they can do what they do. You deserve recognition for this magical thing you make happen. Those are the moments, the priceless everyday things that make up our lives.

Portrait Photographer Suffolk

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