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 Margaret called the studio to talk with me. After following my account on Instagram for some time, she really loved how my client’s images looked and was keen to find out more about the studio. Like all women, her views about her looks were far from positive, and she was apprehensive.

We arranged a studio consultation and we talked. She shared her story and I explained how things happen at La Femme Portrait.

Each client has a customised session to suit their needs and wishes. “How would you like to be photographed?” is our first question.

Every portrait session is a new journey for me, and my clients.

We all have weaknesses and a history which can make us feel vulnerable. I see this as a positive- this is what makes us unique and precious. Being in front of a camera can be intimidating though if you don’t know what to expect.  I’m sensitive with all my clients, and look out for their body language signals. I understand their nervousness and their unspoken words.

Margaret admitted she was out of her comfort zone never having experienced a portrait photography session before. But confidently she felt this was her time to go for it. She was ready for the challenge..

 If you could give one piece of advice to your younger
self, what would it be?

Don’t forget about your own needs

 Whats your guilty pleasure?

Clothes/shoe shopping

 What makes you happy?

Family, I love watching my children reach their goals and dreams. Listening to all the endless possibilities that my grandchildren wish to do with their life.Spending time with close friends,
travelling to different places around the world; relaxing on the beach with a cocktail in hand, exploring the British countryside with long walks and taking photos of the different places that I come across.

 What do you find rewarding?

My latest would have to be achieving my level five diploma in leadership for health and social care; seeing the certificates at the end, showing that all my hard work has paid off. Believing in
myself and pushing myself that little bit further than I thought would be possible.

Tell us about your job/business

I am a day service leader. I lead a small team of staff and volunteers to provide a support service for those with dementia and neurological conditions.

How did you start?

I originally started in care work to fit around my family when my children were small. Being in the care industry made me realise my love and passion for helping others, and made me want to progress and push my passion further. As my children grew I decided to further my career and studies, which has led me to the job I am in now.

Describe a typical day

My working day begins around 8:30 am. I start my day with office based work, checking emails etc.
our attendees arrive at 9:30 am, staff would provide refreshments and set up an activity of Attendees choice. Day’s within care can differ from day to day but can involve task such as assessments on new attendees, updating support plans/reviews and dealing with staffing issues. Lunch is provided and in the afternoon we have visitors such as live performers.

 Any good advice for working mums?

While running a home, bringing up children and working never forget that we as women need me time too, do something that you enjoy just for you.

 What do you do for fun?

Enjoy socialising with good friends on an evening out dancing, hence the guilty pleasure… a woman always needs new shoes and clothes for a night out!

 Are you close to your family?

Extremely close to all my 4 children and 4 grandchildren

What’s been your hardest lesson to learn?

Learning to say no and relishing that it’s not selfish to put yourself first from time to time.

Who do you look up to?

As I was growing up it would have to be my Gran and older women with life experience, determination and a fighting spirit.

 My definition of success is…

Aiming for your goals no matter how small

What are you hoping to do with your portraits?

To be able to look at them in future years as a great reminder of how far I have come on my life’s journey.


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