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Claire Hindmarch, owner of The Rainbow Apothecary in Woodbridge, Suffolk, visited La Femme Portrait with a desire to have some fun, and challenged us to capture some beautiful portraits that reflected her personal style and sense of fun.

We took time to plan a custom shoot that was uniquely Claire. With a background in theatre and the arts, Claire was full of ideas and enthusiasm throughout the entire journey – with many helpful suggestions, not only for herself but for future clients. A love of organising meant Claire was taking notes of what worked well for her and what may enhance the experience for others. 

Together we had a lot of fun developing a mix of looks for her shoot – and to really notch up to the next level, we hired various sequined sparkle dresses from Kiss dress hire on the outskirts of Ipswich,  plus jewellery, to set a varied theme for her session.

With Kayleigh, our fabulous pro makeup and hair stylist ready to go, we began Claire’s portrait session with the wonderful de-stress, pamper and transformation process while we spoke about her life as a business owner and mum of one, and how she organises her day…

Portrait Photography Woodbridge Suffolk

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Whats your favourite time of day?

 I’m quite a morning person and so I like to take time out on my own to quietly enjoy the start of the day. The stillness of the morning is calming and really helps me get my thoughts together.  Mind you, I also like the late evenings, when you get the same feelings. Afternoons I’m not good with!

 Describe yourself in 3 words

Wow, this is a difficult one! I’m just me – there you go, that’s three words!!

Tell us about your job and business

  As the owner of the Rainbow Apothecary, a holistic health shop on Church Street in the lovely Suffolk town of Woodbridge, I love looking after our customers and providing a peaceful, uplifting environment where people feel comfortable discussing their health concerns. We pride ourselves on offering a personal service by staff who are knowledgeable and caring and are delighted to have so many customers returning regularly, and we know many by name.  
We stock a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free chilled and dried foods, baking ingredients and drinks as well as dietary supplements, minerals, vitamins and herbal remedies from quality, not on the high street suppliers like Lamberts Healthcare, Viridian Nutrition and Nature’s Plus.
We have a great relationship with our supplement suppliers and they are always on hand to support us with technical enquiries, should we need it.  We stock a wide variety of essential oils, carrier oils and blends from Absolute Aromas to soothe your senses, along with loads of natural, cruelty-free body and skin care products.  If that’s not enough we’ve gifts galore including yummy, locally made scented candles from the Suffolk Candle Company, tarot cards, incense, crystals and lots more. 

 What made you want to book a portrait session?

Having visited the studio and got to know Sarah I was really enthused by what she was doing. I was really keen to get involved and loved being part of the whole creative process. We had so much fun preparing for the shoot – compiling the Pinterest board and bouncing ideas around and this continued into the studio session.  The hair and make-up session with Kayleigh was a real morale boost too.

Portrait Photography Woodbridge Suffolk

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 Your best health tips?

Drinking plenty of still water and getting enough sleep is the best you can do for your body.  That and looking after your digestive health – and yes, I can help with that! In my line of work. Really, though, I could go on for hours here! 

 Do you detox?

I’m not really in favour of these radical detox programmes, although gentle herbal cleanses once in a while does no harm at all. To detox the mind and renew the spirit you can do no better than a long walk in a forest.

 What has motherhood taught you?

To completely put someone else first, and then to learn to let go, but to be prepared to pick up again at the drop of a hat.

Portrait Photography Woodbridge Suffolk

 Whats your favourite era and fashion style?

The intense femininity of the 1940’s.  They were so elegant and you can’t beat all that grown-up girl underwear!  They dressed like real women, although I bet it wasn’t always very comfortable. 

Portrait Photography Woodbridge Suffolk

What do you find rewarding?

 Motherhood. Organisation and planning (I can be a touch OCD!).  I also love helping people as I’m a real nurturer.  People fascinate me and I love finding out about them, getting to understand their problems and helping them out. I love problem-solving.

 What is your most challenging chapter?

The next one – there is always something around the corner, both to react to and to look forward to. You never know how life can change, and how you can make it change.

Portrait Photography Woodbridge Suffolk

What is your most treasured possession?

Family photos definitely, and things from my daughter’s childhood.  I’m not particularly materialistic, but I would also say my mother’s engagement ring.

 Whats the best business advice you’ve ever been given?

  Just because you haven’t done it before, doesn’t mean that you can’t do it! It’s never too late to try something new. And that’s also the advice I’d give.

What are your career highlights?

Managing and developing teams and individuals. Managing my own business.
Portrait Photography Woodbridge Suffolk

 What is your approach to health and well being?

See question 6!  I’m lucky in that I don’t have any dietary issues, but I do try and eat healthily, although there is nothing wrong with a bit of naughty indulgence as long as you keep a balance! My favourite herbal remedy is echinacea which is my go to when I am feeling a bit ‘peaky’ as it works wonders – and it tastes wonderful, especially when added to green tea. I’m actually quite an introvert and I do need my ‘me time’.  For me, losing myself in a really good book really refreshes my mind.

List your top 10 little list of likes in 2018

Binge watching The Crown on Netflix. Spending time in the company of John Rebus. Ice skating with my daughter. Networking with the girls. Cheeky eBay purchases. Gingerbread lattes. Giggling with my sister. Property porn shows. Walking in the woods. Van Cleef and Arpels perfume.

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