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At La Femme Portrait Studio, the message is ‘Everyone Welcome’. Don’t be confused, or feel excluded, by our name. We are a boutique portrait studio working with everyone, so please call!

There’s a problem in our society however, affecting women’s confidence. This is the reason for our name, La Femme Portrait. At this studio, we recognise the issues and we’d like to address them. We’re crazy about all our clients, but we want women to know we offer an experience, an indulgence that will encourage them to see themselves positively.  This isn’t vanity, or shallow, as some might believe. This is deeper than that.

Taking a good look at ourselves when we look our best, allows us to accept the good within. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves regardless of who we are.

We’re so used to social criticism we actually do it to ourselves, all the time – and we can be really mean. Until, eventually, all we can see is what we don’t like, until we begin to actually dislike ourselves, and there it is.. the slippery slope right down to the bottom.

Feeling and looking our best are closely connected. When we like what we see we, we feel good. When we don’t feel good, we put ourselves down.

Boutique Portrait Studio Suffolk

Women are raised and conditioned in such a way that we feel more insecure about ourselves. There is a new generation of girls being raised with even lower confidence, self-esteem, and with women, mothers, generally at the centre of the family, these insecurities are being passed down. The cycle needs to be broken and we all need to get on board. Both men and women. Because fixing this can only help all of us.

The negative cycle of low self esteem needs to be broken and we all need to get on board. Both men and women. Because fixing this can only help all of us.

Boutique Portrait Studio Suffolk

Everyone welcome means just what it says. While genuinely loving everyone who visits us, we’re just crazy about supporting women, because we know and understand how they feel.

There is no greater value than loving who you are. So, whatever your gender, colour, age or body type, when you want to boost your confidence or just update your portrait collection, call us.  We’re here to treat you like the beautiful people you truly are.

Boutique Portrait Studio Suffolk

Building Confidence

When we’re confident, we have less stress.   We manage life better because we believe in ourselves. Feeling stronger allows us to help others. Creating better parents, partners, colleagues, and members of society, not only improves our own lives but everyone we meet. How different our lives would be! How successful we would be. Improving everyone’s life across the board and opening up opportunities for women and men makes for a stronger world.

Boutique Portrait Studio Suffolk

So of course, we want to see everyone here at La Femme Portrait. We believe we can take incredible photographs of you that you will love. When you love your images you begin to love yourself, and thats a great thing. It’s not arrogant, its confident. Its a quiet, deep belief that you are ok, better than ok, you are lovely.

Boutique Portrait Studio Suffolk

Most of all, this is fun. This is a place to escape, and to heal. A place to feel safe, supported and valued. This is where we treat you like a star,  show you at your very best, and provide you with images of yourself that you will love. They will thrill you! If for whatever reason you don’t, we offer a complimentary reshoot or your money back. You would be the first.

Boutique Portrait Studio Suffolk

Don’t you think you’re worth it now? Do you have any questions we can help with?

Drop me a comment in the box below, or contact me here 


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