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How Do We Build Confidence and Self-Esteem ?

How do we build confidence and self-esteem in our daughters and our sons?

It seems by the time they leave high school many have routinely and negatively compared themselves to not only their friends and peers but to a huge number of individuals in the wider world via the internet.

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Isn’t it a bit vain? | Portrait Photography Suffolk

Isn’t it a bit vain?” she asked. 

“She’s very pretty in her photo – she must be a model.. But honestly I would NEVER look like that.”

Sounds familiar? 

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La Femme Portrait turns Fashion Show Photographer

fashion photography Suffolk

Le Femme Portrait turned Fashion Show Photographer as we teamed up with the ever popular and dynamic Pam Davis from Fashion Candy Style and her gorgeous team of models. With the opportunity to meet new faces, we left the studio behind for a little bit of fun and something different at the annual GLAM event held at Colchester United FC.

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Margaret talks with La Femme Portrait …

 Margaret called the studio to talk with me. After following my account on Instagram for some time, she really loved how my client’s images looked and was keen to find out more about the studio. Like all women, her views about her looks were far from positive, and she was apprehensive.

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La Femme Portrait talks with Claire …

Claire Hindmarch, owner of The Rainbow Apothecary in Woodbridge, Suffolk, visited La Femme Portrait with a desire to have some fun, and challenged us to capture some beautiful portraits that reflected her personal style and sense of fun.

We took time to plan a custom shoot that was uniquely Claire.

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Embrace Your Feminine | Portrait Photography Suffolk

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Outdoor Portrait Photography Suffolk – La Femme Portrait

There’s no better time or place to leave the studio for some beautiful outdoor portrait photography Suffolk style, than in the summertime.

Finding an incredible location right on your doorstep is a delight. Having permission to capture some very special portraits there, is a dream come true. Where could be better to showcase our growing studio wardrobe than a period relic in the countryside,

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Personal Branding | Head Shots | Portrait Photography in Suffolk

An ever growing number of entrepreneurs and small businesses are looking for personal branding images to promote their business on both website and social media. Whether you are starting from scratch at home or in a small office space, needing to update your image to stay fresh, or working for a larger business and looking to be seen on the world wide web,

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What is a Boutique Photography Studio? – Portrait Photography – Woodbridge Suffolk

A boutique photography studio offers a specialized, personalised style, or niche, catering predominantly to their discerning clients.

Typically a boutique is a smaller, independent, more exclusive place to shop. Providing unique products and items that can’t be found on the high street, or on line, they are generally stylish and often intriguing.

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Pregnancy – La Femme Portrait – Portrait Photography in Suffolk

Pregnancy is a time like no other. Either a pleasure or a tough few months, but there’s little doubt it’s incredible. A miracle that we go through, and we never want to repeat, or for some they are hooked!

Women becoming mums experience so many challenges on every level,

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