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How Do We Build Confidence and Self-Esteem ?

How do we build confidence and self-esteem in our daughters and our sons?

It seems by the time they leave high school many have routinely and negatively compared themselves to not only their friends and peers but to a huge number of individuals in the wider world via the internet.

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Suffolk Portrait Photography | Portraits & Fashion Combine and Shine in Woodbridge, Suffolk

Owning and running your own business is exciting, full on, and never dull.
 Despite the endless challenges, I’d choose it every time over working for a company.
But that’s typically me… always picking the difficult route!

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Margaret talks with La Femme Portrait …

 Margaret called the studio to talk with me. After following my account on Instagram for some time, she really loved how my client’s images looked and was keen to find out more about the studio. Like all women, her views about her looks were far from positive, and she was apprehensive.

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La Femme Portrait talks with Claire …

Claire Hindmarch, owner of The Rainbow Apothecary in Woodbridge, Suffolk, visited La Femme Portrait with a desire to have some fun, and challenged us to capture some beautiful portraits that reflected her personal style and sense of fun.

We took time to plan a custom shoot that was uniquely Claire.

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Transformations – La Femme Portrait- Suffolk Portrait Photographer

Transformations seems an extreme way to describe the style of portrait photography we love to create in the studio. It isn’t intended to offend. Or to imply that the final result is in any way better than our client’s regular look and style.

This is a fun,

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Milsoms Kesgrave Hall Hotel, Ipswich Suffolk – Fashion Photography Suffolk

Milsoms Kesgrave Hall Hotel  kindly allowed us to indulge in a spot of dressing up while spending a day at their beautiful 4-star hotel nr Ipswich Suffolk. This 4-star hotel was built in 1812 and is set in a peaceful, rural location outside Ipswich.  An extremely popular wedding venue due to 30 acres of perfect grounds,

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Sisters – La Femme Portrait – Boutique Photography Suffolk

Sisters are perfect clients at La Femme Portrait and such a joy to work with. There really are some beautiful shots to be had. Plenty of giggles, decision making, arguments and sharing all afternoon.

Growing the boutique wardrobe slowly at the beginning meant it was a little premature for the planned,

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Motherhood / Portrait Photography Suffolk

Motherhood. Sounds a little bit old fashioned maybe. I looked up the meaning in the dictionary :-


  1. The state of being a mother
  2. The qualities or spirit of a mother
  3. Mothers collectively

That’s it,

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Young Mums / Outdoor Portrait Photography Suffolk

How does motherhood affect young mums? I wanted to find out.

It was great to spend time with Holly, who has 2 small boys.

Today was the day and there was no plan B. We needed a gorgeous morning for a particularly challenging motherhood portrait shoot.  

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