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How Do We Build Confidence and Self-Esteem ?

How do we build confidence and self-esteem in our daughters and our sons?

It seems by the time they leave high school many have routinely and negatively compared themselves to not only their friends and peers but to a huge number of individuals in the wider world via the internet.

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Isn’t it a bit vain? | Portrait Photography Suffolk

Isn’t it a bit vain?” she asked. 

“She’s very pretty in her photo – she must be a model.. But honestly I would NEVER look like that.”

Sounds familiar? 

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Pregnancy – La Femme Portrait – Portrait Photography in Suffolk

Pregnancy is a time like no other. Either a pleasure or a tough few months, but there’s little doubt it’s incredible. A miracle that we go through, and we never want to repeat, or for some they are hooked!

Women becoming mums experience so many challenges on every level,

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Portrait of a Lady – Portrait Photography Suffolk

My secret wish, my dream as a photographer, is to create beautiful, timeless portraits of women. Flattering, inspiring images that complement and uncover the essence of each client. A Portrait of a Lady.

Sadly there is a consistent, negative reality all portrait photographers discover.  When photographing women, there is a real sense of feeling unworthy.

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New beginning- La Femme Portrait – Portrait Photography Suffolk

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end..

I had an inkling something needed to be done, a gut feeling that change was on the way at Treefrog Portrait Studio.. Something was stirring.

Change is always exciting, it’s a big part of my life. Make changes when you spot the signs and don’t delay.

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Motherhood / Portrait Photography Suffolk

Motherhood. Sounds a little bit old fashioned maybe. I looked up the meaning in the dictionary :-


  1. The state of being a mother
  2. The qualities or spirit of a mother
  3. Mothers collectively

That’s it,

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Young Mums / Outdoor Portrait Photography Suffolk

How does motherhood affect young mums? I wanted to find out.

It was great to spend time with Holly, who has 2 small boys.

Today was the day and there was no plan B. We needed a gorgeous morning for a particularly challenging motherhood portrait shoot.  

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